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I can travel to you or you can bring your horse to me. Let me help you attain your goal. I like to achieve a successful and more importantly, a happy partnership with horses - this I try to instil into my pupils. Whatever your discipline, help your horse to improve its way of going and performance, in harmony. Develop your position and body awareness - learn how your body can influence your horse, to the most subtle degree. It is important to me that the horse learns how to use his muscles correctly, achieving a relaxed, happy and healthy partnership

Get your horse more round and supple, moving happily forward with a good natural regular rhythm. Improve balance and flexibility. Learn and develop lateral work. If you simply love to jump, improve your horses' way of going and obedience to improve your jump

Lose the "gadgets"! Work and learn Natural Horsmanship skills and basic Alexander Techniques alongside the Classical theory. I am a fully qualified Personal Fitness Instructor - this enables me to understand the human body to a greater degree, and how it works whilst riding. I am also a British Dressage listed judge.

Whether for pure Dressage or other disciplines, improving your horses' way of going is a vital step towards better performance

Prelim to Advanced Training - getting the basics correct is the first step to attain a supple, elevated, happy horse. And don't go thinking you're not good enough - a large proportion of my clients are riding at Prelim or Novice level. Many don't compete - they just wish to learn to improve their riding to help their horse

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